2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2004

Crazy weather today as we went from sweats and fleeces to shorts and t-shirts, back to sweats and fleeces, back again to shorts and t-shirts, and finally back to sweats and fleeces.  Good thing we all have our vitamin C.  No sick kids yet so wish us luck.


Great training session in the morning followed by our last lunch at the Sportscenter. We gave Melanie, our cook an ovation and it brought tears to her eyes, great site. 


After lunch, Boys C played their second game in as many days, they started off great but then dropped 2 quick goals and were down 2-0 until we made some personnel changes.  Eddie Medrano scored a great goal and then with about 2 minutes left, Eddie Puskarich equalized and the game ended in a 2-2 tie.  With 5 more minutes, we would have won. the boys were very proud of themselves as once again we played a big strong and fast team.


The Eddie show was something to watch. a quick bus trip back to the Sportscenter and the girls played their first game in Europe.  We played a local team and hammered them 9-0.  To be honest with you, they played a fantastic brand of soccer and moved the ball around extremely nice and quick. everybody was quite impressed. 


A BBQ tonight by our hosts to end our week here and now the kids are packing and cleaning up their rooms, and some of them need a lot of cleaning. long transfer day tomorrow as we head to Sweden.  We wake up at 5:30 am and leave at 6 pm. time for that faith, flexibility, and patience check.  Money and passport check again today so no worries there.  I have asked the kids to all call home by today so hopefully you will all have heard from them.


A truly fantastic week in Soest, one of the best ever, even with the rain and the cold.  Kids capped it off once again with a walk to the ice cream store.  Might be a late night tomorrow so be patient with the next update.


POD - Boys A - Brett Peddicord, Boys C - co POD,s - Eddie Medrano and Eddie Puskarich; Girls - Josyln Fuerman


More tomorrow,








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