2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2004

Time to play as first games in Europe are on the agenda today.  First of breakfast club today, only 3 players and we never hooked up so another wasted morning.  Kids are tired from the work so no breakfast club for Saturday.   After breakfast, sightseeing trip and shopping to Munster. 

Soest, where we are staying, has about 50,000 people and Munster has about 250,000.  Old town with some great old churches, etc.  My close friend, Bernd, gave the kids a German history lesson that included the wall, east Berlin, Prussia, bombings during WW2, etc.   Ask them when they return to see how much they learned.


We shopped for a couple hours and walked through town.  As it turns out, changing travelers checks has been quite a challenge as even some of the banks don't even change them anymore.  Looks like we will need to bring our Euros with us next year or use debit cards.  Nno worries though as the kids got some great souvenirs.


Game time - Boys A played first and played a local team called WestFalia, we won 2-0 with goals by Alec Mulee and Matt Tutich.  Boys played great and hit the post 2 times.  Lots of rain today so the field was difficult and slick but they are really pumped up.  The girls did some fitness and match analysis while watching both games.  Boys C played same club and lost 1-0 in last minute but also played great.  Saw some great things from them and the size of their heart is the most impressive.


More rain while they interacted with the German kids, lots of fun. another great dinner upon our return and a young boy even made the comment, wow, this is way better than I get at home.  I will not disclose the name of this boy but you might be able to pick him out at the airport as he will be the one carrying my bags in an effort to keep me quiet.


Kids are in bed now, Girls and Goys C play again tomorrow.  This has been a great stop for us.


POD - Boys A - Alec Mulee,  Boys - C - Tyler Lecocq, Girls - Ashley Simon


More tomorrow,







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