2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2004

Need to wrap up the night of the 7th first as we had our first player of the day awards.   For those of you who do not know, we have an award that is similar to the leader jersey worn by the stage winner in the Tour de France.

The player of the day is chosen by the coaches and when the tour if finished, the POD will become the player of the tour and they keep the jersey. POD for July 7th - 88 boys - Matt Tutich, 88 girls - Melanie Wong, 91 boys - David "Harry Potter" Stitts.  Also, we had a nice 16th birthday celebration for Joslyn.


Today began with another breakfast club, this time only 20 kids were there as many of us slept in, including the coaches.


As it worked out, the fields were being fertilized so only a few minutes of juggling on the side was possible.  Still impressive nonetheless.


Our team captains were named as well and they are: 88 boys - Mike Dardenas, Greg Yao, and Sabih Shariff,  88 girls - Ashley Simon, Kristine Weaver, and Joslyn Fuerman,  91 boys - Andrew Davidson and Chris Allen

Morning session was held at a local club on a stadium field, great field and possession with shadow soccer were topics of the day.  Rain also showed up today but it was very light and kids enjoyed it. afternoon session covered shooting and set pieces and kids are dying for competition.


They get their wish as tomorrow we have our first round of games.  Got some funny stuff on the video so far and yes we have more sit ups.  Not knowing names of anyone on tour will result in 1000 per name, Jason Schechtman has sore abs tonight.


Kids went for ice cream in town tonight and now are relaxing as curfew is 10:30 which is in 8 minutes so I have to run.  Wish us luck tomorrow.








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