2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


07 July 2004

Today, July 7th began with our first breakfast club.  The breakfast club is an optional training for any kids, we meet before breakfast. today was 6:30 am.  Out of 42 kids we had 36 at the breakfast club, great turnout and great work, sun was up already and we juggled for over an hour.  Great attitude by the kids so far.


After breakfast, morning session, lunch session, some free time to walk around town, afternoon session, great dinner, walk to internet cafe and phones, and to top it off we had a chalk talk at 10 pm.  Busy day but good nonetheless.  And yes, more sit ups.  Kids not wearing footwear in the halls, leaving doors open and unlocked, not signing in on sign out sheet, etc.  They will learn, I promise you but it might be painful.


A little exhibition game for the 88 boys as they beat a local German team 1-0, but we really looked good.  Throwing a lot at the kids right now.  It is currently raining so not too happy about that.


Hope all of you are enjoying the daily journal, we are having a blast.  Just to let you know that the kids need to set their own table, serve themselves, clean up after themselves and then wash down the tables, etc. for every meal.  Not bad I am sure some of you moms are saying.  See you tomorrow.




p.s. player of the day jerseys will be handed out late tonight and I will post these tomorrow







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