2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2004

Europe we are here, all flights arrive, although the 2nd Dallas group had AC problems. Sit ups are everywhere with Matthew Mansell breaking the ice first by forgetting his hat.  Jason, from Chicago was caught with a soft drink and Nick Sperl has to do 1000 for leaving his fanny pack behind.  It will be painful at first, but they will learn.  Visited a wooden shoe and cheese factory just outside of Amsterdam and kids had a ball.  Sportscenter is perfect and after 3 hour drive to Soest, we unpacked and went off for a jog.  42 kids all dressed in blue was a great site as we ran along the wall that outlines the city.  We created quite a buzz and by the time we finished we had a crowd.  Dinner was great and the kids played ping pong, volleyball, and soccer until our nightly meeting.  More sit ups, including team sit ups for trash and kids are off to bed.  First full day of training tomorrow, hello to all, kids will try and call home after morning training session.







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