2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2003


Rain yesterday cooled off Gothenburg today as we have a cool morning. After breakfast the girls have a friendly match against Mossens, the local club who are fast becoming close friends.


Do not be surprised if we see them in Dallas or Chicago visiting and playing matches. Girls actually played some great soccer and the test was very simple, show us what you have learned in the past 2 weeks. We were winning most of the game thanks to a goal by Teresa Rodriguez but a few mistakes in the second half costs us 2 goals and we lost 2-1.


The game was played on a cinder field which is a very fast surface and the girls reacted quite well. After lunch, some shopping and game watching at heden but not much as rain fell most of the afternoon.


Kids rented Waterboy tonight and are staying in and relaxing and just beginning to pack. Finals are all day tomorrow and then we go to the amusement park so a final busy day in Sweden.


See you then,




POD - Jaclyn Pitcock






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