2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2003


Light day on tour today as we have finally given the kids some down time. After breakfast we do match analysis, an important function of our tour where the kids breakdown a game and identify weaknesses, tendencies, etc.

We watched a great team from Uganda so it was very successful. After lunch, Ange organized a shopping tour with the girls while the boys and I stayed in the heden center to play more soccer.


They redeemed themselves in the Nike cage today by winning their first game but then they lost in the second round. Another 2 wins in the sand soccer tournament as well and their legs are jelly right now.


Tom and I washed the red and blue tshirts as well as our uniforms, so we at least smell clean for awhile. Relaxing night again as the kids rented another movie. Tour is winding down but we have another friendly match vs. our friends from Mossens tomorrow and then more match analysis. They are juggling a lot as well so our skill level should be greatly improved.


See you soon








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