2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2003


Dissappointment in Gothia Cup - sorry to report that our girls lost again today, 1-0 and for the first time in recent years we did not advance out of our bracket even though we outplayed 2 of our 3 opponents. Physical play really took a toll on us as our girls never gave it right back, we played well but not creating enough scoring chances and when we did create them, not just enough to pull out a goal. Girls are very dejected and know they did not play well enough.


Watched some games this afternoon and did some match analysis, they rented "bend it like beckham" tonight and as a reward for being great kids, i lifted the soft drink ban for 24 hours and now i am a hero. You would have thought it was christmas morning as they were screaming with excitement. Go figure.


The true test comes as we will see who will continue to not drink the soft drinks. any bets?


Boys entered a sand soccer tournament today and finished 2nd, great achievement. They also played a game in the nike cage and i will let them tell you how they did, be sure to ask them. weather here remains fantastic, if you like heat, like I do, otherwise the tour is going great. Food has been excellent and forgot to tell you how happy the kids were when they noticed that frosted flakes were served for breakfast. what a treat. more tomorrow.




POD - Jacklyn Pitcock






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