2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2003

Well we are here, finally and wow is it warm, around 80 degrees.  4:15 am wakeup call for 7:45 am flight and then a 4 hour bus ride to Gothenburg with a short rest stop for lunch along the way. 


Sweden is also gorgeous with green rolling hills and lakes everywhere.  Not a cloud in sight and a really easy transfer.  No lost luggage either, always love that.


After unpacking and settling into our rooms, a light jog to Heden, the center of town and Gothia cup, and some fun training to get loose and sweat the trip out.  Kids are really pumped up for the cup and we begin play on Monday.


This is the granddaddy of all youth tournaments and the week should be great.  Hopefully we can add lots of victories to our journal entries.  Wish us luck.








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