2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2003

Don´t know how to start this entry as this is getting difficult. It is tough to imagine how each day on tour is better than the previous.


In 17 years on tour, July 11th, 2003 is one of the best ever. We started with a morning training session that was a climb up the side of a mountain. And I do mean straight up, as each player made the climb. The kids just sat down and talked as they looked over Reykavik. It was a clear sunny day, about 60 degrees today and some of them actually wore shorts. You could see for miles.


After we made the decent down, we played a hackfest, which is a game where everybody just plays, for almost an hour.   Lunch followed by another training session and then a short bus ride to the Blue Lagoon. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Iceland and now we know why. A natural geyser feeds into a lagoon which is actually blue and the water is very hot. Steambath, saunas, and natural stuff that you put on your face (almost like a mud pack, now I am wrinkle free) kept our kids busy for several hours.


Beautiful weather without a cloud in sight. An absolutely great excursion. There was a waterfall as well and we just relaxed an soaked it all in. A great place for all of you families considering a different vacation. There are no reptiles in Iceland so no lizards or snakes anywhere.


Another bus ride home and we were treated to sub sandwiches by Subway. I tell you this as this is the first American food chain that any of the kids have eaten and you would have thought it was Christmas.


Some of the kids were up late trying to call home and we just talked about what a wonderful day it truly was. With the sky so clear the sun never dimmed it brightness the entire night which kind of makes it tough for sleeping.


The boys trained once again with the Iceland team and are really enjoying themselves. Saturday brings us more friendly games and the kids are ready. Once again, a truly fantastic day, one that makes the trip worthwile.




POD - girls morning - Nicole Renshaw
POD - girls afternoon - Kyra Lecocq
POD - boys - Mike Dardanas






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