2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2003

What a great day for us on tour with Stars ´n Stripes.  Finally got some good rest and we are all caught up on our sleep.  Cold this morning, probably around 40-45 degrees, wish I listed hats and gloves on the packing checklist.  Training this morning was pushed back to 10 am in hopes that the rain would pass and it worked. 


Great session this morning and the girls realized that Ed and Tom are not very sympathetic about mistakes, etc.  I think the words harsh and stern were thrown around.  Introduced my philosophy and style of play and what was expected by position and the girls are being thrown into the fire.  Not worried one little bit.  Boys had a good training session and we pounded Morgan with shots until his back was sore from leaning over to pick up balls.

First player of the day is awarded for July 8th sessions- girls was Jeannette Tracy and boys was Tim Maier.  Player of the Day, or POD, is similar to the leader jersey that is worn in the Tour de France. The best player of that day wears a special jersey until the next POD is awarded and at the end of the tour, the player of the tour keeps the jersey. 


After some lunch and free time playing cards and bonding, the girls had their first test with a game against our host club Hauker.  Awful start and very nervous and timid and a bad goal before half resulted in a 1-0 deficit at the half.  Some good coaching points, gotta throw that in there, helped the girls reorganize and they pulled a goal back and should have won the game in regulation but we tied 1-1.  We went to penalty and we won 5-4.  Maggie made the first one, Axie missed hers, and then Kyra, Natalie, and Nicole sent their home for the victory.  Great fun as well.


The boys had a real thrill as they trained with a local team from Iceland and did quite well.  They worked their butt off but really enjoyed the different coaching and player partners. 


After the training and the game, the girls team hosted us with a dinner and we sat around and talked with the other team for 2 hours. The best way to learn about another's culture is to jump right in and discuss and this is exactly what our kids did.  They now have new friends. 


Off to bed now, it is 10:30 and curfew is 11 so I have to go and tuck in my kids.  On a personal note, my son Eddie guest played with a team here and put on a show, scoring 2 goals and assisting on 2 others.  No language barrier here as he speaks no Icelandic and they speak no English but yet they played together and ate together for nearly 6 hours.  That is what is great about Football, it brings the world together. 


See you tomorrow.




POD - girls game - Stephanie Desjardins







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