2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2003

Day two on tour and ICELAND  is awesome.  Had a tour narrated by a guide as we drove in a bus to our accommodations.  Found out some really great stuff.  Iceland is about the size of Ohio and has only 240 million people.  The island is formed by lava and stills flows in the middle.


No electricity bills here as geothermal energy is free and this also creates steam from the ground, etc.  more info to follow later in the week as we sightsee around the island. 


Arrived at our school, got ourselves organized, and went off on a jog around the town.  We are staying in a suburb of Rekhavik, a small port city.  We ran about 3 miles and stretched on a pier that overlooks the north Atlantic Ocean, not bad huh?  45 minutes later we were back home with a refreshed look and gaze of excitement in the kids eyes.


All this and it is still 9 am.  A short break and we had our first training session at 1 pm.  The fields are walking distance and are fantastic.  Weather is still cool, hanging around 55 degrees, low clouds and crisp. We are all very tired but I will keep them up until after we eat dinner tonight. We are having Pizza for dinner and I am sure we will all be in bed by 8 pm. 


Oh by the way, more sit-ups for some of our players who do not know everybody's name.  We will have abs of steel by the time we return. 


Tomorrow brings us our first game so we will speak to you then.  If no one has called yet, no worries, the phones are not working in our school, they are working on them as we speak.







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