2003 Classic
Trip Journal

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2003 Classic Trip Journal


07 July 2003

Well off for our trip today with 2 groups, one from Dallas and one from Chicago, and one lone ranger from Pa.


Chicago had weather problems and airport delays made them arrive almost 2 hours late but only 20 minutes before the Dallas flight, which was flawless.

Flawless that is until one of our girls, will not say the name but you will hear more later, shouted on the plane that you can not say "bomb on an airplane." Yes, imagine my reaction and you guessed it, 500 sit-ups. But she was not the first as Jeannette Tracy said a bad word in Chicago and had to do 50.


So we are off. Great flight to Iceland from Baltimore, the kids all dressed in blue polos and red sweatpants. Not much sleeping but lots of excitement as you can guess.


Arrived without a hitch to a chilly 50 degrees temperature. Since it was 98 in Dallas only a few days earlier, what at shock. more later on day 2.









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