2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


27 July 2002


Stars 'n stripes boys win dana cup b-final - how often can you say that. well it is true. it took regulation, 2 overtime periods and another penalty kick shootout but the boys won 5-3 on pks.  great game that went back and forth and once again mark renyck was the hero stopping some great shots during regulation as well as the penalty kicks.  the boys actually outplayed their opponents and deserved the win in regulation.  once again the girls were there in vocal support.  great job to all as it was definately a team effort. a cinderella story actually as the team came together for the first time on july 5th and became a strong unit through training and games together. if you could write a perfect ending to a tour it was this one as we really had the time of our lives.  a 4 hour bus ride to hamburg, followed by a short to london, and then a chance to have mcdonalds and cokes, that is right, we gave them freedom to be themselves. actually i wonder if the kids will stay off the soft drinks, time will tell. one more day, a long transfer back home, and then the kids can not wait to see you guys. signs at the airport, screaming fans, showers of gifts for the coaches(well you never know).  one more entry from me tomorrow as i close. from all of the responses that i have been getting, this journal has become extremely popular. glad i could bring a little piece of europe into your homes.  see you tomorrow.








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