2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


26 July 2002


All about the boys today as they play a morning game, the 1/4 finals.  and a great game it was. they went to overtime and then to penalty kicks.  in the dana cup, all penalty kick games go to a special field where literally hundreds and thousands of fans gather around to watch these penalty kick shootouts.  mark renyck saved 2 shots as the boys won and now are off to the semifinals.  they are on fire and are riding a wave of confidence and their play reflects. after lunch and a quick nap the semifinals await.  once again a great start as they led 2-0 on 2 goals from ej mcormick.  a shaky 2nd half led to a goal against but in the end it was once again too much mark renyck as he made some unbelieveable saves to secure a 2-1 win, so our boys are in the dana cup b-finals. what an achievement.  the girls i think are the most excited as they sing and cheer throughout the game.  it should be a great day on saturday as players and coaches alike are excited. see you then.

p.o.d. - boys 1st game - mark renyck
p.o.d. - boys 2nd game - ej mcormick








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