2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


24 July 2002


Cold day today as it was about 60-65 degrees, yes that is cold for july.  girls had an early game this morning against a swedish team, a very good swedish team and probably one of the best games in our  tour. we tied the game 1-1 and put ourselves in position to win our group later in the day. well after lunch we did just that with a 13-0 drubbing of a brazilian team. usually i do not run up the score but goal differential was important for bracket play so we let them have it.  scored some great goals as well with jeannette tracy netting 5 alone.  will know late tonight if we won our group and will update the site tomorrow.  the boys had one game today and if they won they would win their group. well i am sorry to say that our team did not show up today. we played a physical german team who lost a man in the first 40 seconds for punching one of our players. even with 11 against 10 we did not create enough scoring chances and our odds increased when they had another ejection in the second half.  we gave up a penalty kick and lost 1-0.  boys were devastated but we probably will take 3rd now with goal difference.  once again we will know late tonight.  had team meal together and then i sprang for a team ice cream. we have a great group who are very tight. they sing on the busses, hang out together, etc. one of our best tours in several years in terms of closeness.  i am really pleased.  kids are already talking about returning next year, so parents be prepared.  hopefully i can report more positive results tomorrow as both teams can play 2 games if they win their first one.  see you then.

p.o.d. - girls 1st game - mary geels
p.o.d. - girls 2nd game - jeannette tracy
p.o.d. - boys - steven reddy








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