2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2002


Well the sun returned today and so did our results. the boys played their first game and won 2-1, totally dominated the game and should have scored 4-5 goals.  they played a swedish team.  the girls then followed up by hammering a norwegian team as well 3-0 and could have easily scored 7-8 goals.  they really have some great goal celebrations and hopefully i will catch some of them on tape.  the boys had a second game against a norwegian team and with windy conditions played to a scoreless draw. we now have our destiny in our own hands.  the dana cup has 833 teams and 46 countries so the soccer here is everywhere. 

H jørring is a small town so it is totally consumed by the cup.  great atmosphere. food is not as good as gothia but still edible nonetheless. kids are talking about their first meal when they return so get ready for some outrageous requests or very simple ones.

p.o.d. - boys 1st game - kenny boetcher
p.o.d. - boys 2nd game - mark reagan
p.o.d. - girls - kelsie wurdeman

see you tomorrow








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