2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2002

Day began at 6;30 am with wakeup for cleaning and packing.  a long walk with our bags to the ferry line and a 9;30 departure.  most of us grabbed a nap and then had lunch on the ferry and saw some sights along the north sea.  beautiful sights and video will reveal just exactly how pretty the voyage was.  a 3 hour ferry and then a 45 minute drive to hjørring, denmark, a small town that will be overun  by 20,000 kids this week. we had a short and light afternoon session and then we walked into town all dressed in our sunday best. the boys in ties and the girls in skirts and dresses. they looked sharp. an italian dinner capped another great day, what a tour so far. we really have some great kids. talk to you tomorrow.








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