2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2002


Sad day on tour today as both teams lost in the winners bracket. the boys played a great nigerian team and for some unknown reason gave them enourmous respect and did not play well. even with a bad start, only a crossbar kept us from leading at halftime but the 2nd half really fell apart for us and we lost 2-0. great saves by mark renyck kept the score close but the nigerians were much better than us. nonetheless, the boys had a great cup and they are excited about dana cup. as for the girls, they played a great team from sweden and gave up a goal in the last 30 seconds to lose 1-0. they were outplayed for most of the match until the last 15 minutes where we really should have put the game away. they played their best game today and should be proud of themselves.  now all went out to dinner and relaxation, day of nothing on friday and then back to training for dana cup. 

p.o.d. - girls - mary geels
p.o.d. - boys - mark renyck

see you later,









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