2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2002


Well the perfect tour took a turn south last night when our kids break some of our rules as well as a window.  kids always seem to push the envelope and for that they have room confinement today and tonight.  on the field, our success has continued as the boys beat a german team 3-2 to win group and girls tied 2-2 to also win their group.  girls really responded to our meeting yesterday and despite the 2 late goals they played well.  big day tomorrow as the teams enter the single elimination phase of the cup. boys play a nigerian team that is pretty tough, they always seem to want to play the best teams and thursday they will get their wish.  girls might be peaking at right time, lets hope and can make their run beginning tomorrow.  see you then.

p.o.d. - girls - tina frain
p.o.d. - boys - craig tucker










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