2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2002


Wow, where do i start.  as i told you earlier, the coaching  staff felt the kids are primed for performance but we did not expect what we saw during the first day of competition at the gothia cup.  boys were so geared up to play today that they were pacing in the hallways and warming up over an hour before the game.  not everyday you get a  chance to play against a brazilian team. we had a great start and then hammered them by a final score of 4-0.  they were not a bad team but we were world beaters today and could have beaten anybody.   the girls also hammered their opponents, a swedish team, 5-0.  they seem to always do
one up on the boys and don´t think they don´t know it either. 

p.o.d. - girls - kirby wells
p.o.d. - boys - alex moten

After the games we let the kids wonder around the heden complex and take in some of the sights. they are in heaven but they never in their wildest dreams expected to see tonights opening ceremonies extravaganza.  absolutely wonderful and hopefully all of you can witness this first hand either as a player or as a spectator.  in some ways it surpasses the olympics because we are a part of it.  as luck would have it, we sat behind a brazilian group, and the chants and singing went on for over 2 hours with our kids right in the middle of it. all on tape for you to view.  kids are on cloud nine and i do not think sleep is possible tonight, expect a few phone calls and emails regarding this day.  but i left them with one final thought tonight as they went to sleep, this day is for nothing if we don not take care of tomorrow.  talk to you then.








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