2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2002

Best day on tour so far.  no breakfast club this morning, made the kids sleep in.  breakfast at 8, morning session at 9-11. quick walk into town for internet cafe followed by another great lunch.  1 pm  was mandatory tour nap, i love these days. we left at 3 pm for our german-american soccer fest.  boys played first and won 2-0.  goals by ej mccormick and a bomb from craig tucker sealed their win.  the girls then won 3-0 with goals by cassie nobles, morgan pace, and rea bullock.  kirby wells assisted on all 3 goals.  great time after game with bbq with other teams. kids did very well sharing conversations and stories and i even let them have one glass of fanta. had no choice as they did not prepare for our no soft drink rule.  the german club is also going to gothia and we are planning on hooking up mid week for a social gathering or something.  lots of dignitaries on hand for games and this week has provided our kids the opportunity to be celebrities.  3 reporters, 1 tv station, and 1 radio station have done reports on stars ´n stripes this week.  kids all have a copy of a great article and we even watched ourselves on german tv the other day.  on ride home we got caught up on our player of the day awards;

p.o.d. - girls - july 11th afternooon session - mary geels
p.o.d. - girls - july 12th morning session - kirby wells
p.o.d. - girls - july 12th game - morgan pace
p.o.d. - boys - july 11th afternoon session - stephen reddy
p.o.d. - boys - july 12th morning session - charlie wood
p.o.d. - boys - july 12th game - craig tucker

one more day left in germany and so far we have had a great time.

until tomorrow,







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