2002 Classic
Trip Journal

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2002 Classic Trip Journal


08/09 July 2002

Morning flight today with no transfer problems in pittsburgh.  we were a little loud during the passport control in frankfort, and for that the kids did 10 team sittups. ask them about those if you get a chance.  upon our arrival, we drove in our bus for an hour to the rhine valley vineyards.  a beautiful site and a great day. not a cloud in the sky, and the rhine river was breathtaking. we took a box car sightseeing ride up the mountain overlooking the vineyards and then hiked down through the vineyards themselves.  kids had lunch on their own, fast food is now forbidden, and then back to the bus by noon.  we then transfered to our accommodations in Soest, another 3 hours by bus.  problem was the air conditioning broke and with a 90 degree sun bearing down, the trip was tough. nice to drive on the autobahn but wow was it miserable.  arrived at 4 pm at accommodations, nice and simple and quiet.  we then worked out, the girls and tom and me and the boys. a good 30 minute jog, sittups, pushups, and plyometrics. great dinner and the kids are now playing on the fields that are right next to our sportcenter. most of them have tried to call home and the rest will do so on wednesday.  10 pm curfew should be no problem as the kids are tired as expected. tomorrow brings us our first real training day and we will speak to all of you then.








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