2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


26 July 2001


Denmark festival - thursday - last day of competition in the denmark festival was a memorable one.  the girls 19 won 3-0 and won their round robin group and therefore won the cup.  great job.  the girls 85 also won their game 8-0 and finished in 4th place.  the top four teams were separated by only a single point.  taking into effect the wear and tear of playing 12 games in 3 days, we will take the 4th place finish.  the boys won their last game 3-0 and finished in 3rd place, a great finish and they are very proud of themselves.  finally, fitting since the girls 14 have been the talk of this tour, the girls 14 won their final 1-0.  they were playing against 2 opponents as the officiating was horrible.   for those of you who know me, you know that when i complain about officiating it must be pretty bad.  a great celebration we had and then we took a train to copenhagen for shopping and a visit to tivoli gardens, the world´s oldest amusement park.  kids are now packing and looking forward to going home.  we are expecting a big welcome at the the airport tommorrow and hope all of you are as excited to see us as we are to see you.  one more chapter remains before i close the 2001 tour and we have had a great one.  see you later,








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