2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


25 July 2001


Denmark festival - wed -  day 3 of competition was much like the first 2, successful.  the girls 14 have assured themselves of the final on thursday with a 4-1 win  and are still the talk of the tour.  they have been involved in every girls 16 and girls 19 games as well.  the boys won again wednesday morning and advanced to the playoff round where they lost a close game to poland 2-0.  here are the rest of the results,

girls 14 - won 4-1
boys - won 1-0
boys - lost 2-0
girls 19 - won 2-0
girls 19 - won 2-0
girls 16 - lost 8-0
girls 16 - won 1-0

Some of the kids joined me for a professional exhibition between psv of holland and brondby of denmark, nice game with a great atmosphere, tired kids on tour, torn between going home and the tour, all expected at this point.  thursday might bring the possiblity of 4 cup finals but that is probably wishful thinking, welcome to my world.  talk to you then.








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