2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


24 July 2001


Denmark festival - tuesday - well we almost matched mondays results with another great day.  6 wins and 1 loss.  weather here is hot and here are the results.

girls 16 - won 2-0
boys - won by forfeit
girls 14 - won 3-1
girls 16 - won 2-0
boys - lost 2-0
girls 14 - won 5-1
girls 19 - won 2-0

After dinner we walked the kids to the beach, all dressed in the khaki shorts with the boys in dress shirts and ties and the girls sharp as well, khaki shorts have been the joke of the tour so we decided to have some fun with them.  we built a campfire on the beach, brought some speakers, and had a beach disco.  a few kids swam in the baltic sea and a great relaxing time for all.  sun sets around 10 pm so we have lots of sunlight.  great time so far and kids all want to send their love home, phones and internet access very difficult here. talk to you tomorrow.








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