2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2001


Denmark soccer festival - monday - well the denmark stay started off with a bang, a few problems with discipline, and some great soccer results.  weather here is hot, not texas hot but hot nonetheless.  we had 8 games yesterday and won 7 of them.  here are the results.

 girls 14 - won 4-0
 girls 16 - won 4-0
 girls 19 - won 2-1
 boys - won 2-0
 girls 14 - won 4-0
 girls 16 - lost 1-0
 boys - won 2-0
 girls 19 - won 1-0

One of the best days ever for stars ´n stripes.  unfortunately we had some curfew violations, with one resulting in an early departure home.  everything else has been very good, kids went to the beach after the games to unwind and tuesday presents a challenge to match mondays result.  nice friendly people here in denmark and i have to comment on the food that we have received the entire trip, outstanding.  hope all is well back home and we miss all of you.  phones are scarce here and the shower building where the payphone is located is locked early, we have not found public email as well so be patient with communication.  later,








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