2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2001


Gothia cup - wednesday - biggest day of the tour so far as put up time was upon us.  girls 19 won 5-0 and clinched their group and earned a second round game for thursday.  girls 16 tied 0-0 against last years girls 15 champions, decent team and the girls 16 are a sleeping giant, lets hope they awake for their 2nd round game on thursday as well.  the girls 14 once again won 1-0 and won their group, their 2nd round game was this afternoon and they won easily 6-1 and are gaining confidence with every game, they look great even in the driving rainstorm.  their carefree attitudes are assisting their carefree style of play and they are giving some soccer lessons.  the boys once again played on heden showcase fields and once again dominated their opponent and once again lost 3-1, very down but continuing to impress me with their style of play.  boys are now out of the cup but will play a friendly on friday.  we are now in the single elimination phase of the cup and every game is a win or out situation. 

great anticipation in the rooms tonight and most of the team are watching "remember the titans" on my labtop dvd player. wish us luck tomorrow








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