2001 Classic
Trip Journal

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2001 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2001

Great day today, kind of cool morning and perfect in the afternoon, morning training was technical, lots of touches.  kids are enjoying themselves, we can tell by how many stay after training and shoot on goal.  meals have been outstanding and situps have been handed out in the hundreds so far, first few days of learning our expectations you might say.  afternoon session was more tactical with concentration on shape, patterns, and connections.  trying to establish our system.  after session mandatory pool swim, great fun.  tonight we had a chalk talk to further touch on our tactical session this afternoon, then free time or movie on my labtop, love those dvd's.  a little rain tonight and one of the girls blew a fuse with their blowdryer, something that many dads have had to deal with.  off to bed.








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