2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


30 July 2000

Sunday -  boys 16 lost in the finals 3-1 and played a great game.  were down 2-0 and came back 2-1 and should have equalized but luck once was not on our side.  A great experience just as well and the opponents were very gracious and professional and a good time was had by all.  the girls were all body painted up and made sighs and had confetti and were cheering like crazy. the mayor was very impressed.  the boys 18 played 3 games and tied all 3 by a score of 2-2.  tonight we have our personal awards and then a short disco as the kids now realize that the tour is winding down.  we have an extremely close group so this departure should be a very emotional one.  I am sure everyone will hear stories about.  well now for now and one final update tomorrow upon our return.  we have had a great tour and I am privileged to be with such a great bunch of kids.









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