2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


28 July 2000

Boys 16 played 2 more qualifying games against the 2 weakest teams in our group and as luck would have it we tied them both 1-1.  disappointing and now must wait until other teams results to see if we sneak into the semis through the back door.  well what do you know we advanced by 1 point and the boys play a good English team in the semis tonight.  a team that beat us 3-2 already.  we score in the 1st 5 minutes and then hang on for the victory and just like that the boys 16 are in the finals on Sunday.  jubilation and satisfaction among the boys and they finally played like i knew they could but no where near the level that they should.  the girls meanwhile learned a valuable as they lost 1-0 in their 1st game.  shopping, candy, and a lack of concentration was their downfall and they promise more discipline and focus tomorrow.  the group then goes to London after dinner for a sightseeing tour and takes dozens of pictures of all of the famous sites and gets 1 hour to eat at pi! cadilly circus.  tour has been great the kids really have become close.  tomorrow bring more soccer and more memories. 


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