2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2000

Friday - well i did not think it was possible but Friday outdid Thursday.  the girls played at 9 am in the quarterfinal round against a Swedish team and once again they were down 1-0 at the half.  and once again they brought a tidal wave of pressure and tied the game and ended up winning the contest with 3 seconds left.  pandemonium broke out as the boys charged the field circled the girls and led a chant of ole, ole, ...,  quite a site to see young Americans with such a passion.  we are gathering fans now as word has spread of stars 'n stripes. now on to the semifinals at 2 pm.  never before has a stars 'n stripes team  moved past the semifinals of the gothia cup but the girls are determined to make history and the boys are determined to find new ways to excite them with cheers, face and body paint, American flags, etc.  a site that you have to see to believe.  the semifinals brought on a German that have won the last 4 gothia cups. a great team but they are playing a confident!

The Stars 'n stripes team that fears nobody.  a huge crowd surrounds the field as play goes back and forth with the German team having the better of the play.  the game ends up tied 0-0 and once penalties face stars 'n stripes.  this time it takes 8 rounds but we win and once pandemonium breaks out at a level above the quarterfinal celebration.  i am caught up in the middle of it all and once again i am a teenager.  the group is so united and happy, the boys carry the girls bags back to the school and ed springs for pizza for the group.  the entire is braced for what appears to be an historic day for stars 'n stripes.  the gothia cup girls u-16 final is tomorrow at ullevi stadium and a crowd of over 25,000 is expected.  sleep will be difficult tonight but the memories of these past few days will last for many years.  more tomorrow, i hope, and maybe great news.








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