2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2000


Wednesday - rain again today, what a surprise and the rain on the boys "b" team has continued.  we lost 4-1 in another game that we should have won.  seems to be our motto these days. as the day started out the boys had a chance to win the group but with the poor result the boys finished tied for 2nd with 3 teams.  because of our poor goal differential we are last and our cup is over.  an enormously disappointing result for a team so talented.  the girls played for 1st in their group against a fine finish team and lost 2-0.  the Finnish team have 4 girls on the u-17 national team.  they are set however for a playoff game on Thursday.  the boys "a" played a German to a tie and this game them enough points to advance in 2nd place.  we played our 1st playoff game the same day, in the rain of course and lost 1-0 to another American team.  a very good. although their cup is over they played very impressively and should gain confidence heading into the Watford cup.  all for now.  kids are fast ! asleep with a 10.00 curfew as tomorrow bring rest for the boys and more games for the girls.








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