2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2000


Tuesday - today started with possibly the most outrageous stories in the 14 year history of stars 'n stripes.  the boys "b" left on time for their game via the Gothenburg train system.  to our surprise the train broke down between stops and we sat on the train tracks for 30 minutes.  the doors were jammed locked and we just sat there as the game time rapidly approached.  we finally broke the doors open and hopped the fence and preceded into town in search of taxis.  it is now 10.45 and the game is scheduled to start at 11.00.  no taxis or busses and our options are running out.  just then we passed a grocery store and noticed a bread truck out front.  ed went inside to inquire about a possible ride and to our surprise the young driver agreed.  we piled into the back of the bread truck with all of the fresh pastries and loaves of bread and chuckling all the while.  we pulled up to our game a few minutes and to the cheers of the fans departed the truck similar to circus clowns. !

The story has been picked by the media and it is the hottest story in town.  if only our luck had continued in our game it would have been a marvelous day.  as it turned out the boys lost 3-0 to Norwegian team.  the score does not reveal the whole story as our boys outplayed the Norwegians most of the game but glaring mistakes cost us dearly.  the girls romped again 7-0 and our picking up speed.  the boys "a" played perhaps the best game on tour losing to a very good Swedish team 2-0.  all in all a difficult day on the field but enjoyable nonetheless.








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