2000 Classic
Trip Journal

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2000 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2000

Last day in Holland, great 3 v 3 tournament last night, hot air balloon landed in field and delayed our games for a while so we could watch, it was weird watching the horses and cattle flock to the balloon.  today we had 3 friendly matches, the girls played an older American team and lost 1-0. good game.  the boys 18 played Victoria s.c. and won 2-1.  another good game and the boys 16 spanked Victoria s.c. 6-1.  they played great.  we had a bbq that night and ended up with a fantastic stay in Holland.  Benny, our host, was very emotional as we said goodbye at 5 am, and this just shows how special our group is. long day tomorrow as we head to Sweden.








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